Are you looking for a wedding videographer in Perth for your wedding but haven’t found it yet? No worries. We will help you in this regard. A wedding videographer or photographer is a prominent and inseparable part of the wedding ceremony. There are certain ways and techniques in wedding photos that only professional photographers or videographers can take. From capturing the fine details to wrapping up the whole moment in a careful wedding album, these are the essential things that a wedding professional videographer keeps in mind. We will take you on the journey of the best wedding videography studios in Perth that are reliable and affordable as per your budget. Hence, we would suggest you invest wisely in a proper and professional wedding videography studio.

So without further ado, have a look at some of the best wedding videography studios in Perth:

S2V Studio

This wedding videography studio is a highly regarded studio that blends storytelling and visual aesthetics to create stunning wedding videos and wedding albums. They have a great reputation for their professionalism and attention to detail in everything. This studio was established in 2016, and since then they are known for their creative editing and personalized services. They have a team of well-skilled videographers, photographers, and editors along with state-of-the-art camera equipment. If we talk about their wedding videography packages, then you can easily opt for them because they are less expensive as compared to other wedding videographers in Perth. They have achieved lots of awards in this domain because of their specialization in creating fun, energetic wedding videos and photos that convey the personalities of the couples they work with. If you have any inquiries related to wedding packages then consult them via email, phone call, or website.

Jason Tey Studios

Jason Tey Studios is one of the renowned photographers in the town. This studio is quite popular among former clients and has a good rapport with Perth’s elite wedding photographers. They have received various awards for their work in the wedding domain. They do mostly pre-wedding shoots and wedding shoots. If we talk about their charges, you need to shed around $1600 in pre-wedding shoots and around $4500 in wedding shoots. You will also bear the cost of the wedding album separately if you want it.

Albedo Photography

Albedo Photography is the most sought-after wedding photography studio in the region. This award-winning couple travels far and wide to capture the wedding moments of your special day. They generally do shoots in Broome, Margaret River, Yallingup, Albany, Kalgoorlie, and interstate as well as international spots that are highly wondrous in nature and breathtaking.

Their photography skills include dramatic lighting and softer sunlit that help craft beautiful images of the couple and all the people. Their wedding shooting package starts from $3900 onwards.

Kevin McGinn Photographer

Another studio on this list is Kevin McGinn Photographer. This studio is an excellent option if you’re yearning for a wedding photographer in the region. This studio is also award award-based wedding photographer who has a lot of skills to offer to the wedding ceremonies. Their price range starts from $2400 to $5000 as per the time and equipment involved. For more information, you can visit the official website of Kevin McGinn Photographer.

Marnix Photography

Another wedding photography studio is an accredited professional photographer having extravagant skills, set up, and camera equipment. These guys will make your wedding a beautiful, well-articulated album. Their services are quite affordable and their service packages are literally in budget constraints. Their packages start from $990 to $4500 as per the schedule and wedding ceremonies. For more information, you can visit their official website.

Fotografia Coppola

Fotografia Coppola is the one-stop-shop for all who are looking for something extraordinary in wedding photography, videography, hair and makeup, wedding DJs, MCS, and other wedding equipment.

Dennis Tan Creative

This studio is quite passionate about capturing real and authentic emotions of all the parties involved. Their style includes timeless wedding photography as they turn real moments into unforgettable wedding memories that clients can cherish forever.

Their services are available in the Perth region, the southwest and wherever else the job leads them. Look through their work through the website or word-of-mouth marketing, then give them a call as per your needs.

Simone Harris Photography

Simone Harris is a well-known studio in Perth. They have received the “Wedding Diaries Editors Choice Award” for their marvelous work in the wedding industry. Their incredible portfolio and breathtaking photoshoots make them the best in the town as per their niche.


There may be several expert wedding videographers available in the market, but at the end of the day, you have to decide which one to pick. The aforementioned are some examples of them which you can sleep over later.