Wedding videography is the procedure of capturing and creating a video recording and making video albums of a wedding ceremony of the couple and related family members and events. It consists of documenting various segments of the wedding day, including the preparations, the ceremonial rituals, and the reception part, in order to create a long-lasting visual record of the wedding ceremony.

Professional wedding videographers use professionally equipped cameras and equipment to click high-quality footage of the wedding day. These photographers are so well-versed that they can work alone or work as a team and they use their skills and techniques to create a video album that portrays the couple’s preferences and likes.

There may be many wedding videographers in Perth but in this article, we have collated the top 10 most popular wedding videographers in Perth which you can consult for wedding purposes.

Here are the top 10 best wedding videographers in Perth:

1. S2V Studio: Are you looking for the best wedding videographer in Perth to shoot your wedding day? Then reach out to S2V studio. If you consider their most narrative-driven works, then you will be amazed by the superfluous work which they perform on the wedding videography of the customers. Their quality of work, timely outstanding deliverables, and attention to detail make them ace and pro in this profession.

Furthermore, the feedbacks of the previous clients are also top-notch and positive. The main objective of S2V Studio’s team is to capture the natural expressions and interactions of wedding couples and make them fearless during the shoot. In other words, they try to assist couples in moving out of their comfort zones to click the creative artwork and stupendous gallery of their wedding. As you know, the wedding is a one-time moment for couples, S2V team knows it very well and they give their 100% best approach in collaborations, creating wedding vibes, emotions, and wedding films.

Feel free to ask them for free consultations and wedding packages from their official website.

2. RCX Productions: RCX team is known for live streaming, wedding highlights, and cinematic storytelling in the form of videography. They do their job by indulging immensely in wedding shoots of wedding couples. When you get to see their trailer videos of customer’s videos, you feel the vibes of the venue, emotions and the cosy moments of the wedding couples that they capture in the photoshoot.

3. Quil Studios: Quil Studios has a team of professional videographers with a real experience in the field and a passion for wedding shoots. Even owners take time to understand the concept and emotions behind every love story and they try to adapt their wedding videos to the classy preferences of couples, varied from modern and contemporary to timeless, or you can say anything else in between.

4. Limbo Images: This company has a specialization in cinematic videos. They always look for new ways to keep their videos raw and fresh. Special attention is given to the background music they give to the videos. Whether you are smiling or still in the video, they try to improvise in a captivating way.

5. Cloud Imagery: The team of Cloud Imagery is highly committed to capturing the unforgettable memories of wedding events that you can hold onto for a lifetime. Their approach to shooting weddings is quite discreet, in other words, they work behind the scenes with full enthusiasm, do the editing part and put your beautiful story in a very creative way onto the albums. This studio is also one of the reputed names among wedding videographers in Perth.

6. Sapphire Film Productions: This wedding production provides world-class services in wedding shoots. Having reliable, friendly and experienced professionals, this company has a lot to offer for the couple in the form of wedding shoot packages. When it comes to customer opinions, they have a brand value as well in the market.

7. Birdseye Productions: This company is run by a husband and wife duo. If you want to cherish your wedding videos for a lifetime, you can approach them sooner or later. Located in Byford, this studio takes customer feedback very seriously and they work on them undoubtedly. Contact them through their official website for wedding packages.

8. EJ Creative: This company has expanded its team of experienced videographers and photographers. Known for producing natural and candid shots, they work day and night unobtrusively to capture the memorable moments of the couples. As per customer reviews, they always surpass customers’ expectations in terms of the services they provide.

9. ICIRIS: Are you looking for a talented videographer and want to keep timeless videos for your friends? Then you should definitely approach this studio. Their professional and top-notch skills are a great combination of unfolding your special day. We are sure that you will not be disappointed by their efforts and services.

10. Silver Key Films: This is known as the top-rated wedding photographer in Perth. From still shots to drone shots, they cover everything which are essential for the wedding photoshoot. You can also ask for other services like engagement sessions, highlight films, etc to the team of Silver Key Films.

These are the best wedding videographers in Perth, but it’s up to you which one to choose for your wedding. Make sure you search them properly before arriving at a conclusion.