A wedding photographer is a photographer who specializes in clicking the wedding moments of the couple and converting those wedding moments into creatively designed wedding albums. Basically, he tries to capture candid moments of wedding ceremonies, family members, wedding parties, etc. He uses his expertise of technical knowledge of cameras to create beautiful compositions of images that portray the personalities of the couple.

Well choosing the best wedding photographer in Perth for the wedding is not a simple task, you need to narrow down the checklist of questions before selecting a professional photographer.

Don’t worry in this article we have curated a list of 10 important questions to ask your wedding photographer and those questions will determine your decision.

Here are the 10 Important Questions to Ask Your Wedding Photographer:

1. What is the Frequency of Wedding Shoot?

As far as your wedding is concerned, this is a really important question to ask your wedding photographer. This is a great way to assess their availability. Availability means if he is doing the full-time wedding shoot of other couples, then you might not get your photos on time. In some cases, the quality could be compromised by them. Frankly speaking, a professional and skilled photographer might be more choosy in selecting the wedding couples as he must be in great demand at that particular time frame. To avoid this scenario, always prefer a wedding photographer whose schedule is flexible with your wedding date.

2. What Kind of Wedding Packages Do You Offer?

To explore the wedding packages, you can go to the official website of the photographer. If the packages are not mentioned, then you can directly ask via phone call or face-to-face meeting. In this meeting, you can discuss the budget details, your requirements, and all the deadlines. And moreover, you can also ask how much time he will take to prepare the wedding albums.

3. What is Your Photography Finesse and Style?

To get a better understanding of the photographer’s style check out his gallery pages, candid shots, posed photos, and classic and contemporary shots. To check the S2V Studio’s glossary, visit the S2V Studio website.

4. Where Can I Read the Customer Reviews?

Look out for the social media channels of the photography studio if any and check out the reviews from the Facebook and Google Business profiles. Then you will be able to get an overview of their work profile and the customer’s testimonials. Word-of-mouth marketing also plays a significant role in this so always ask previous customers in this regard.

5. Do You Charge Extra if We Ask You to Stay Longer?

It is always worth asking these questions, especially budget-related because every photographer has a particular time frame to shoot a particular wedding. If you ask in advance then it would be better. Sometimes couples ask to shoot late evening sparkler send-offs.

6. Is There Any Alternative If You Can’t Make it on Our Wedding Day?

There are chances people get ill or some emergency arises. You should ask the photographer about Plan B just in case. That photographer should have at least fellow professionals who can come on his behalf. Also, you should go for wedding insurance if some unfortunate incident occurs at the wedding.

7. Do I Need to Bear Your Travel and Food Expenses?

Well, it’s a humility gesture to provide food to your photographer because he is going to shoot for more than 10 hours surely. Ask your photographer beforehand about whatever meals he would want. And for the travel expenses, you should mention in the contract all the details regarding this to avoid unnecessary hassle. At the end of the day, you would not want to spend unnecessarily on someone.

8. When Should I Make the Final Payment?

Keeping in mind your budget constraints, always clarify payment details. Mostly photographers ask for advance payments and when everything is done by the photographer’s team then they ask for the final payout. Generally speaking, photographers may be 3 to 4 in number so they have to arrange certain things before the photoshoot such as renting camera equipment, buying camera equipment, etc.

9. When Will I Get all the Photos After the Photoshoot?

The best wedding photographer may take 4 to 6 weeks to sort all the things and present them to the customer. Sometimes, if customers want to edit some pictures, the process could extend.

10. Will You Offer an Engagement Shoot in the wedding package?

An engagement shoot is the best way to familiarise yourself with the photographer so that it would be easy for both parties to settle during the wedding ceremonies. Some photographers charge extra for this but you should ask clearly about this package.

Wishing You a Happy Married Life!!!