You must have dreamt of this D-day since you were a little child. After falling in love with the person of your dreams, there’s only one most important thing left to do: get married to that person as soon as possible. Planning a wedding is a very daunting task. You have to arrange and organize everything from pre-wedding to wedding ceremonies. Wedding photos are used as a lifetime and memorable journey for couples and their families. When it comes to wedding poses, candid shots, and wedding pictures, your look should be timeless and extravagant.

Some people are camera-shy because they do not come across cameras in their entire life before the wedding. At these particular moments, negative self-perception and anxiety dominate in the mind of the couples. But don’t worry these things are temporary and can quickly fade away when you hire the best wedding photographer for your wedding.

Are you looking for the best wedding photographer in Perth? Well, your search ends here. S2V Studio will serve the purpose and their team of experts will assist in you every manner. They will help lessen your struggles and nervousness while shooting wedding pictures. To look stunning and classy, our team at S2V Studio will improve your photogenicity.

 We have compiled a few recommended tips that will help couples to look good in their wedding pictures.

Some of the few tips are listed below:

1. Try to Find the Right Location

For exquisite pictures, locations do matter. It is a good practice to discuss everything in advance about the prospective photographic sessions. Some photographers can recommend you picturesque places but if couples are aware of that locations then it’s good to go. Having their favorite spots on the list, are always worth trying so that the compatibility between the couple and the photographer could match with time.

2. Makeup Artist and Hair Stylist

Creating a look that translates well with photography, is the job of a makeup artist and hairstylist. So it’s better to spend time in researching the best makeup artist and hair stylist in the town. Because as you know, the wedding is a once in a lifetime moment, so make it count. Just be candid about your requirements with them, and always try those stylists with some trial pictures to get an idea. When you have the right people in your squad, then your responsibility will drastically reduce and you can focus only on the wedding photographer.

3. True to Your Own Subtle Look and Style

Venturing into the unknown style with a unique look you found on Pinterest could be the right choice, but maybe halt on this strategy for your D-day. The best important thing is to accentuate your style and look.

Always try to create the best possible version of your look instead of comparing the look with others. Avoid unconventional makeup artists with traditional or questionable methods and hire an artist who can enhance your natural look and beauty.

You can take the help of a professional in this case and maintain your true-to-yourself look that should embellish every bride.

4. Practice Smiling

Well, it may sound a little funny, but practice makes it perfect when your wedding day arrives. Make your smile authentic and less artificial for wedding albums. There may be other wedding photographers in Perth but choosing the right one who helps in every minute detail could be a tough one. But don’t worry, S2V Studio knows its job well.

The professionals of S2V Studio will help you look natural in every aspect. Expressions, poses and smiles are beautifully captured by the team of experts. Trust us, the more you do it, the more natural it’ll feel.

5. Keep Your Poses Authentic

Wedding portraits require some natural posing. But don’t worry, your wedding photographer will instruct you on this. Keep in mind the interactions with your partner at every moment. Let your wedding photographer know what you are not comfortable with, share your feelings, and suggest alternatives if any because poses can make your wedding album quintessential.

Hope you have read this article and shared these wonderful tips with those who are getting married.